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Dr. de Jongh practices a comprehensive approach to general dentistry and facial aesthetics, treating the majority of dental conditions and associated non-surgical concerns of the aging face. When he went into private practice in 1980, it was his mission to welcome and treat every patient as if they were family. In taking this approach, every patient gets the kind of detailed attention he would deliver to his own mother. We are not the type of high volume “drill and fill” practice that pushes a patient to sign on the dotted line and subsequently herds them through our office. We prefer to see a lower number of patients and are dedicated to taking the time to thoroughly examine them so that we, the practitioner and the patient, can make the most informed decisions about the patient’s health. For this reason, we are selective in what patients we accept for treatment and the work we take on. We believe that it is important for the patient to be as vested and concerned about their dental health as Dr. de Jongh and his team.

We will not initiate any dentistry until the patient is clear on all their treatment options and understands the pros and cons of each selection. Dr. de Jongh believes in having a thorough understanding of your condition and treatment sequencing to resolve issues as a whole rather than just treating symptoms of a problem.

We believe that no matter what direction you choose to go with treatment at our practice or elsewhere, the intimate knowledge of your dental condition is important. We invite you to come in for a comprehensive exam and consultation to garner an initial understanding of your dental situation, or even a second opinion.

Dr. de Jongh has advanced training and specializes in

Anti Aging Dentistry

Dental Implants

TMJ/TMD Treatment

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Porcelain Crowns

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