Metal-Free Dentistry

Houston metal-free dentistry
Your dental work should never compromise the health or appearance of your smile. Unfortunately, amalgam fillings and metal dental work are far from discreet. Modern advances in dental technology have propelled the field past metal and amalgam. We build new smiles for our patients using porcelain, composite resin and other aesthetically superior materials.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Applying dental composite to teeth is also known as dental bonding. The bonding process is quick and simple: it can be completed in a single appointment. After preparing the tooth for a filling, Dr. de Jongh shapes the composite chairside and bonds it in place. The bonding is then hardened with a special light. By the end of your appointment, your tooth is decay-free and your smile is intact.

Composite fillings accomplish the work of amalgam without exposing patients to any mercury. At the same time, dental composite is a vast aesthetic improvement – its tooth-colored material will be perfectly matched to your natural tooth color, leaving fillings invisible.

Porcelain Alternatives to Metal Dental Work

before and after Houston dental implants
If you currently have amalgam fillings or other dental work, it’s possible to switch them for a composite or porcelain solution. Updating your dental work will refresh your entire smile. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about your cosmetic and restorative options.

Mercury Removal and Amalgam Removal

Dental amalgam was once an extremely popular and widespread filling material, mainly due to its low cost and durability. An alloy of several metals (silver, tin, and copper), amalgam employs mercury as a binding agent. In our modern era of organic products and an emphasis on transparent ingredients, amalgam’s mercury content has caused some alarm. Ongoing research into amalgam’s potential danger has yet to arrive at a definitive conclusion, but those concerned about the potential buildup of mercury in the body have hoped for new filling options.

Dr. de Jongh provides safe amalgam removal to patients with amalgam fillings. Our team follows a specific protocol to safely removal amalgam without exposing the patient to mercury. Move past mercury and gain new, amalgam-free composite fillings – just schedule a consultation to learn more.

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