Root Canal Treatment

Houston root canal
Endodontic therapy heals teeth and helps preserve tooth structure. While many patients are anxious about root canals, in truth they are similar to a normal filling.A root canal entails the removal of infected nerve or pulp tissue from a tooth root, so that the tooth and surrounding tissues may be saved. A dental crown is frequently placed over the tooth to help protect it moving forward.

When a Root Canal May Be Necessary

You may need a root canal if you are experiencing chronic toothaches and chewing pain, swollen gums, unusually strong sensitivity, or tooth discoloration (a tooth will darken as it becomes deeply infected). If you have any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. de Jongh – acting quickly will save your tooth.

Endondontic Therapy Heals Teeth

If you have been in need of a root canal for some time, you have likely spent weeks (or months) in discomfort. While the prospect of endodontic therapy may seem stressful, deciding to have this procedure will return comfort to your daily life. After a brief healing period, your tooth will cease to cause you pain. Taking this step as soon as you can will minimize the spread of infection and allow you to move forward with a healthy smile.

If you’ve been experiencing any kind of dental discomfort, schedule a complimentary consultation to get help today.

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