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Do you feel self-conscious about your smile? Crooked, rotated, crowded, or widely-spaced teeth make us think of our grins as unappealing, leading us to hide our joy and laughter. We all want symmetrical smiles. But for many adults, braces are out of the question. You can’t manage the time commitment and unprofessionalism associated with treatment via a mouth of metal.Enter Invisalign. The Invisalign system involves a system of clear trays that quickly and invisibly move teeth. Recommended for adults and teens seeking orthodontic treatment, Invisalign allows you and Dr. de Jongh to move your teeth without anyone being the wiser.

Invisalign Advantages

before and after Houston Invisalign

Invisalign impacts your life as little as possible: patients love

  • The lack of dietary restrictions – simply take out your aligners to eat
  • The sped-up treatment time – one year on average
  • The undetectable orthodontics – clear plastic aligners show off your teeth during treatment
  • The visible results – you’ll watch your smile straighten as treatment progresses

The most significant impact Invisalign will have on your life is the gorgeous new smile that treatment makes possible.

Determining Whether You’re an Invisalign Candidate

Invisalign isn’t right for every malocclusion, but after x-rays and an exam, Dr. de Jongh will be able to tell whether alternative orthodontics could suit your teeth. Invisalign is appropriate for a wide range of patient concerns. Meet with an Invisalign provider to get personalized recommendations and learn more about your straightening options.

Would I Benefit from Invisalign?

before and after Houston Invisalign

For some Invisalign patients, their occlusions are clearly problematic. For others, while their teeth don’t demand orthodontic treatment, other aspects of their lives do (including their self-esteem and confidence).

To put it simply: if your smile is crooked and affecting you negatively, then exploring straightening is a good plan. Some of these occlusion-related problems might include:

  • Self-consciousness about crooked teeth
  • Accidentally biting your tongue or lips
  • Struggling to fit your teeth together or chew easily
  • Jaw pain or disfunction

Propel Accelerated Orthodontics

Nearly every patient is interested in completing their orthodontic treatment as quickly as possible. With the Propel procedure, average treatment time can be reduced by more than 50%. Dr. de Jongh uses the Propel device to create micro-osteoperforations in the jaw bone. This accelerates tooth movement to help the patient speed through orthodontic treatment.

The micro-osteoperforations are created while the treatment area is numb, so there is not discomfort. These tiny holes in the bone help make the bone on either side of the tooth more pliable, and also increase blood flow to the area. Both of these changes help encourage tooth movement and bone regrowth, for faster straightening.

If you’re interested in learning more about Propel, just ask at your Invisalign consultation.

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