Sedation Dentistry

Houston sedation dentistry
Dreading your next dental appointment? Our team strives to ease your apprehension and transform your dental experience. If you’ve ever felt anything other than comfort when you’ve been heading for the dental chair, you owe it to yourself to explore sedation dentistry with Dr. de Jongh.

Do You Have Dental Anxiety?

Fear of dental treatment is actually an incredibly common thing. Don’t feel odd or alone because of your nerves. When you’re in the dental chair, you’re anticipating potential discomfort. You’re also putting your mouth in someone else’s hands. You’re in a vulnerable position – one that, understandably, makes you feel nervous. Bad past experiences at the dentist’s can compound these feelings.

Forms of Dental Sedation

Depending on your preferences, your procedure, and your level of anxiety, there may be one form of sedation that suits you. We’re also happy to talk one-on-one about the benefits of each type of sedation, and which could be right. Remember that you will need someone to transport you to and from your appointment, as it won’t be safe for you to drive.

  • Oral conscious – We’ll prescribe you an anti-anxiety medication prior to your appointment. You will take the medication 1-2 hours prior to your scheduled time in order to feel relaxed by the time you arrive at our office.
  • Nitrous oxide – Nitrous is inhaled during your appointment to induce a happy sense of calm. The effects will wear off quickly after the end of your procedure.

Please reach out to our team if you’re interested in dental sedation. We will arrange the necessary details before your appointment to ensure a positive experience.

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