Comprehensive Dentistry – Our Method

Houston comprehensive dentistry
Fortunately for patients and the medical and dental professions as a whole, there are a few talented general practitioners capable of picking up the gauntlet and promoting the concepts of treating the patient as a whole. Doing so in an enlightened, comprehensive manner and integrating evidence based concepts with excellence in the delivery of individual patient care.These general practitioners are in the unique position of becoming oral, head, and neck specialists. They follow the long standing professionally approved tradition of expanding their patient treatments as technological improvements allow and directly extend those benefits into the reality of actual and improved patient care.

The oral environment: the face, head and neck, are intimately integrated by all that we know anatomically and physiologically. As general clinicians we are witness to how one fits integrally with the other and as those who treat these areas comprehensively, we become students for all aspects, enabling best treatment options and ultimate patient satisfaction.

As such, a porcelain veneer or full anterior porcelain crown is potentially not the sole answer to enhance a smile or to improve the function of a bite. We are compelled by the highest requirements of standard of care, to return volume and health to the lips, which frame the smile.

The full potential for the complete therapeutic treatment for TMD may well require the use of neurotoxins to negate trigger points, muscle pain, and spasm.

The use of dermal hyaluronic acid fillers are critical in the underlying support of the skin and in re establishing a cellular environment in which fibroblasts can best produce collagen and resist the domino effects of aging.

At Houston Texas Dental Spa, we go the full distance because excellence in the comprehensive sequential care of the whole patient comprises our standard of care. We coordinate and sequence the treatments for the oral environment through advanced concepts in general dentistry as well as include the treatment of the skin, muscles, face, head and neck.

As oral, face, head, and neck specialists, we are your best advocates for your individual health and wellness. Come, develop a true beneficial professional relationship and learn of the best individual options for you. Start your journey step-by-step with us at your side.

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